Royal Doulton Limited Edition Collectable Michelin Man
Royal Doulton Collectable Michelin Man

Royal Doulton Michelin Man

Royal Doulton Limited Edition of 2,000. Launched Dec 2003. £89 SOLD OUT

Bibendum was conceived in 1898 when Edouard Michelin noticed the likeness of a stack of tyres to the body of a man. He first appeared in an advertising poster raising a glass of nails and a broken glass – toasting to all road hazards, none of which threatened the Michelin tyre – “Nunc est Bibendum!”.

His early form, with thin rings, echoed the shape of tyres at the early part of the 20th century. In time he became fatter and more rounded to reflect the shape of tyres of the day.

Our Royal Doulton figure is produced in the UK in a Limited Edition of 2,000 and each comes in a special gift box with a numbered certificate.


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